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5 Best Hosting Providers for your WordPress Website


Ever wonder  how different WordPress Hosting Companies rank in terms of pure WordPress Hosting performance? Bellow is a nice analysis from TeslaThemes reavealing the Pros and Cons of Top 5 Hosting Companies when it comes to WordPress.

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There is no doubt that WordPress is the most popular CMS out there. Currently, it is used by 52% of top 100 blogs on the web and by millions of site owners worldwide. Each website has to be hosted somewhere and there are hundreds of web hosting providers that offer a wide variety of plans and features.

Since our themes are created for WordPress CMS, we all perceive the importance of a reliable, fast and secure host, that will guarantee 100% uptime for your website. Many providers offer a lot of features, but only a few of them are best suited for WordPress sites.

We have decided to list and to compare the most popular WordPress hosting providers on the market. Here they are: read more . . .


One comment on “5 Best Hosting Providers for your WordPress Website

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