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Rise of Social Media as a Profession – INFOGRAPHIC

If you are a Social media Professional this Infographic might be interesting for you. The demand for Social Media Gurus has grown 1,300% in the last three years on Linkedin. Advertisements

Social media 2013 – Infographic

  Social media became important to all of us over the past few years. It refined the way we communicate, how businesses market their products and services, how we receive our daily doses of information and it created hundreds and thousands of new other ways we do things. This infographic shows why social media and […]

Infographic : Buffer hits 1M users, 88M posts, and $2M in annual revenue

Social optimization service Buffer, which optimizes the time of your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ postings for maximum impact, just passed one million users and over $2 million in annualized revenue.

A scientific guide to writing great headlines on Twitter, Facebook and your Blog

by  Have you ever had the problem when You sit and decide what would be the best headline for your post or tweet? In this article you’ll see what  is the best way (authors’ opinion) on approaching Facebook or Twitter postings or blog posts headlines.  read more . . . 

Infographic: What is Bad Customer Service Costing Your Business?

by Gregory Ciotti I’ve always stated that good or bad Customer Service is the reason why your business grows or sinks. Stumbled upon a really nice Infographic which shows you exactly how Customer Service influences your Business. read more . . .

How Content Marketing Helped the Businesses of Famous Web Designers

by http://www.1stwebdesigner.comSome  notable Names from the Web Design Industry decided to share with us how did Content Marketing change the path of their business. read more . . .    

Google Hangouts: Turning Bloggers into Broadcasters

by Sarah Hill, the Chief Digital Storyteller for Veterans United Network. Google+ takes community building to another level by bringing out Hangouts On Air. This will certainly make Google+ seem more appealing to Social Media professionals by offering them new ways of interacting with their audience. read more . . .