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How to create a Vanity link for your Facebook page

After creating the facebook page for this blog I’ve noticed that the URL looked pretty ugly (maybe just for me), it was something like that but I wanted to look something like this , so I started to search the web using tags like ”distinctive URLs” ”Unique Urls + facebook” and after  few minutes I found out […]

New Theme: Twenty Thirteen

Originally posted on The Blog:
If you’re a WordPress aficionado you’ll know why one of the most eagerly awaited announcements each year is the arrival of a new default theme. Wait no longer, friends. I’m thrilled to introduce the newest addition, Twenty Thirteen. This gorgeous theme is colorful, opinionated, and ready to give…

Giveaway ! Get 4 Premium Responsive Site Templates!

Thinking about changing the look and feel of your site? Here is a nice Giveaway from Winithemes I’ve stumbeled upon. GIVEAWAY DETAILS: Period of time: From April 22th, 2013 to May 1st, 2013 (hurry up!) Prize: 4 Premium HTML Templates (worth $100) Winners: 5 lucky users HOW TO ENTER THE GIVEAWAY? Simply complete all the […]

ALERT:WordPress sites hosted on GoDaddy are currently under attack

My usual morning ritual of reading some articles on WordPress while I’m having my Coffe lead me to this thread started by: Bishop3space I manage a wordpress site for the company I work for and a customer sent us an alarming email yesterday about code being injected into our website for “Car Insurance”. Injected Code Basically […]

Greater Security with Two Step Authentication

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We know your blog is important to you, and today we’re proud to announce Two Step Authentication: an optional new feature to help you keep your account secure. For those of you who use Two Step Authentication with your Google account, you’ll know how useful this feature…

Choosing a WordPress Theme and Why You’re Doing It Wrong

So it’s all about the graphics right? Well, not really. And don’t get me wrong, your new WordPress theme must look great. Otherwise, why would you want to buy it? But graphics itself is not the only reason for picking one theme over the other. Actually, focusing on graphics alone is the main mistake people make when […]

Things to do in order to increase blog traffic

Rolling out a Blog these days it  is not such a hard work to do  , especially when having  dozens of CMS which will ease up the work for you. My choice, out of that list remained with WordPress.  The hard work comes after you’ve settled out your layout  from the amount of free WordPress […]