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WordPress Time Machine

Millions of businesses around the world are using WordPress CMS to drive their online presence.So the Upcoming Monday,May 27-th, is definitely a great day for everyone from the WP community , especially for Matt and Mike. It’s all started with Matt’s concern about cafelog not being updated , and Mike’s reply ”Matt,If you’re serious about forking b2 I would be […]

WordPress Anniversary: Comment Spam Lessons

Originally posted on Lorelle on WordPress:
It’s hard to believe that I’ve learned much from comment spammers over the years. I’ve learned that they are among the most hated folks in the world, yet you have to respect them as well. As I look back on ten years of blogging with WordPress on this 10th…

Upcoming Features of WordPress 3.6

A good software however  has to improve continuously or will be outdated very soon in this time of fast technological change. WordPress is highly popular and a strong community around it also is enhanced continuously to make it more and more useful to its users. WordPress generally makes a new release every three to four months. […]