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TeslaThemes celebrates 1st Year Anniversary

The journey started in March 2012, since that time they have been designing and developing Premium WordPress Themes, guided by  passion to WordPress and its great community. On 25th of May, 2013   TeslaThemes  launched and the team worked hard to achieve the goals and to turn the service into a sustainable and awesome WordPress Theme Shop.

Now, they’re happy to announce  1st Year Anniversary and to invite you to celebrate it with them with great offers and discounts. TeslaThemes does it’s best to create unique, awesome products and to provide high quality services, and the results speak for themselves. Their community is growing fast and they want to thank you all (> 10,000 customers) for being a part of it and for giving them the confidence to move forward.

They’ve designed a beautiful infographic, where TeslaThemes  listed all the achievements and important events. Have a look at it and feel free to share it on your blog or site:

infographic anniversary

Copy and paste this code to embed the infographic on your site:


Also, 2 Limited Time Offers with fantastic prizes and discounts are announced:

1. Massive Giveaway (The Big Prize: iPad Mini) – enter for your chance to win great plugins, themes, icons, brushes, vector sets, hosting and much more, with a total worth > $1400. One lucky winner will get the big prize – a beautiful iPad Mini with Retina display (16GB, Wi-Fi, Space Gray).

2. Everything at $14,99 – for a limited period of time (from 21st May, 2014 to 30th May, 2014) you will be able to get any WordPress theme or Subscription pack for only $14,99. Hurry up, this is a unique chance to get their themes at a fantastic price, before they adjust our pricing again.

Benefit from this unique offers and get involved in our community: comment, share, tell us your stories, let’s celebrate TeslaThemes’ Anniversary together!


Source: http://teslathemes.com/blog/celebrating-our-1st-year-anniversary-with-fantastic-offers/

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Giveaway: Win plugins, tools and themes with a total worth of $751

Giveaway bundle

As always I’m more than happy to announce another great opportunity to win premium templates, plugins and tools. Massive Giveaway Announced by TeslaThemes: Win 2 WordPress plugins + 1 Photoshop plugin + 1 flat icon set + 2 prototyping tools + 1 collaboration platform + 3 Premium WordPress Themes. Total worth = $751.

Whether you are a WordPress user or an skilled developer, you have probably came to the point when you needed a good WordPress plugin, a beautiful theme, some premium icon sets, a mockup builder or other tools to enrich your website’s touch and feel.

To help you out, they partnered with the leading providers on the market and are giving away a massive bundle that includes some great plugins, tools and themes with a total value of $751. Each of 5 lucky winners will get a mega bundle, so hurry up, the giveaway ends on 29th of March, 2014.


Period of time: From 18th March, 2014 to 29th March, 2014
Prize: 3 plugins + 1 flat icon set + 2 prototyping tools + 1 collaboration platform + 3 WordPress Themes
Winners: 5 lucky users


Simply complete all the tasks described here .
Each task has a certain amount of points (the more points you collect the more are your chances to win)
The winners  will announce d on 31st March, 2014, so keep an eye on TeslaThemes!


– 1 license of FooBox WordPress plugin from FooPlugins – a fully responsive media lightbox WordPress plugin, to make your images, videos, and HTML content look beautiful on all devices. $27 worth

foobox plugin

– 1 license of Event Espresso WordPress Plugin – a great Event Registration & Ticketing Management Plugin for WordPress. $89.95 worth

event espresso plugin

– 1 license of Flat Icon Set from Web Icon Set – a wonderful icon set comprising 100 flat icons with an emphasis on simplicity. $25 worth

flat icon set

– 1 license of Subtle Patterns plugin – a Photoshop plugin which integrates an immense library of beautiful patterns in Photoshop. $11.99 worth

subtle patterns plugin

– 1 license of Mockup Builder – a prototyping solution that helps design software or websites while reducing the time and cost spent on the negotiation stage. $168/year

mockup builder

– 1 license from proto.io – an online prototyping tool, that makes it super easy to create “real” looking mobile prototypes with animated interactions, gestures, transitions, scrolling and much more. Value $174/6 months.


– 1 license from InVisionApp.com – a leading design collaboration platform. Built to foster collaboration and iteration, it helps you design, review and user-test a website before writing a single line of code. Value $180


– 3 Premium WordPress themes from TeslaThemes (Novelty, Universe, Zoomy). $105 worth

TeslaThemes home

Follow their  social media community, comment, share and get the chance to win this great bundle!


TeslaThemes: 2 New Premium WordPress Themes launched

Premium WordPress TemplatesThe guys at TeslaThemes announced that it has been a busy month for them and they’re now happy to announce 2 brand new Premium WordPress Themes with clean, modern, bold design and some great features. Meet Novelty – a lovely Magazine WordPress Theme and iCook – a great WordPress Theme  for Food/Recipe sites. Have a look at their new WordPress themes:

Novelty – Magazine WordPress Theme

Novelty is a Premium Magazine WordPress theme with bold, sharp, modern design and some nice features powered by Tesla Framework. It has dedicated features for content/news sharing like: featured image slider, tabbed widgets, featured posts, custom shortcodes, list and grid view of posts, social media integration and more.

Novelty WP blog

LIVE DEMO                  MORE INFO

iCook – Food/Recipe WordPress Theme

iCook is a Food/Recipe WordPress Theme with clean, modern design and some great features to power your food related website. It has a stylish filterable recipe gallery, where you can list various food recipes and categorize them, custom shortcodes for recipes, popular recipes widget (based on views) and more.

iCook WP blog

LIVE DEMO                             MORE INFO

Get these beautiful WordPress Themes at a great price or purchase all their themes for only $45! Stay connected, more new themes to be released in the near future.

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Beginners Guide to WordPress Affiliate Marketing: Why WordPress is the Best Platform

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most scalable ways to make money online. Rather than spending your own time and money creating a product or service to sell, you promote the products and services of others and receive a commission every time someone buys something after clicking through to their site via your link.

Many online retailers offer affiliate programs (Amazon Associates is one of the biggest and most well-known). It’s also possible to register with an affiliate program like Commission Junction,ShareASale and ClickBank, all of which offer a huge variety of physical and digital products and services from hundreds of different companies, all in one place.

Signing up as an affiliate with one of these programs is quick and easy. You just need to set up a website (or use your existing website), register with the affiliate programs of your choice and link to products using the code provided and you’ll get your commission automatically.

Sounds like a great way of making money right? And it can be – there are thousands of people making a living as full-time affiliate marketers, some of whom are earning tens of thousands of dollars every month.

To get started, all you need is a website. In theory, pretty much any website will do – a free blog will earn just the same commission as a self-hosted site with a bespoke design. But if you’re serious about making money with affiliate marketing, a self-hosted WordPress blog is the superior, some would say only, choice.

So what is it about WordPress that makes it such a great choice for affiliate sites?



Starting up as an affiliate marketer on a free blogging platform can seem like an attractive prospect. After all, you’re not investing any of your own money into hosting or buying a domain, so you can maximize your profits, Right?

While there’s nothing stopping you from setting up an affiliate site on a free blogging platform, I would highly discourage you from doing so for a couple of important reasons.

Firstly, when you build a site on a free host, you’re effectively renting rather than owning. This means that you have no real control over your site (and your income). In other words, it could be there one day and gone the next. Blogger has become particularly notorious of late for taking blogs down suddenly, without warning and they seem to prey mainly on affiliate sites.

Another important consideration is that some free blogging platforms, such as WordPress.comdiscourage you from using affiliate links on your site. Don’t waste your time setting up an affiliate site, only to have it removed because you’re breaking the terms and conditions of the publishing platform.

Some hosts will give you warning and a chance to back up your site before they take it down but it’s more likely that they’ll just remove it without giving you time to move your content elsewhere, or charge you a hefty fee to restore it – you have been warned!

Some free blogging sites even skim for affiliate links and replace them with their own links. It’s important to remember that most “free” services on the internet have an ulterior motive. They’re probably making money from somewhere and in this case, it could well be from your site.

Because of the issues I’ve discussed above, many companies that offer affiliate schemes may even reject you as an affiliate if you’re using a free hosted blog. It’s just not worth the risk.

While free sites may seem attractive at first, they’re almost always a false economy. There are some great deals to be had on hosting these days, so there’s really no excuse to default to free sites, especially when you’re relying on them for your income.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vitally important for affiliate sites. If nobody visits your site, you won’t make any money so maximizing traffic is key. In an ideal situation, you want to make sure that if someone searches for the product or service you’re linking to, your affiliate site comes up as one of the first few results.

WordPress is fairly optimized right out of the box, but there are also a handful of plugins like theAll in One SEO Pack and Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin that do a great job of making your WordPress site search engine friendly. Beginners can install these plugins with their default settings and start reaping the benefits immediately and more advanced users can tweak them as required.

Some people have also observed that WordPress sites seem to be favored slightly by google over static sites and those on other blogging platforms. While the jury on this is still out, and different types of site go in and out of fashion as new algorithm updates are rolled out, it makes sense that Google would give preference to the platform of choice for big and authoritative sites.

As WordPress is now the world’s biggest blogging platform, it makes sense to go with the crowd and enjoy any extra SEO boost that this may give you.



One of the most useful things aspects of using WordPress as a content management system is the huge selection of themes available to personalize your site. Rather than hiring a designer to create a bespoke design, it’s easy to create a site that looks beautiful and unique by choosing a free or premium theme and editing the colors fonts and images to customize it.

When it comes to affiliate sites, design is important. By optimizing the design of your site for a higher click-through rate, you can maximize your income. Some of the design aspects that can make a difference to click-through rate are link color and position and size of banner advertisements.

While you can (and should) experiment with this to see what provides you with the best click-through rate, there are several themes available that have been designed for affiliate sites and have been tested and proven to nudge site visitors into making that click.

Some themes are also designed to work with specific affiliate programs, like this WP Affiliate Store theme, designed for use with Amazon. These themes have extra tools included in the dashboard that make it easy to search for products, create thumbnails, display prices, and insert the affiliate link from within WordPress. This can really speed up your work flow and make it easier for you to create sites.


If you’re looking for an online store style affiliate WordPress theme, check out Affiliate Theme orAffiliate Board.


As well as optimized themes, there are many plugins available for affiliate marketers to help speed up the insertion of products, cloak links and a whole host of other handy features. Some of the best ones are:

  • Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer – changes Amazon links to point to the visitor’s local Amazon store (.com, .co.uk, .de etc.) and inserts your applicable affiliate ID for each country.
  • Amazon Auto Links – Auto-generates links of newly released products on Amazon, complete with your affiliate ID.
  • CB Press – Import products from the ClickBank Marketplace quickly and easily
  • ThirstyAffiliates – Cloak and manage all your affiliate links centrally from within the WordPress dashboard
  • Skimlinks – Automatically convert product links to affiliate links, on the fly.



If you’ve researched into affiliate marketing previously, you may have come across software for building affiliate sites that claims to be superior to WordPress and other platforms in terms of optimized click-through rate and SEO. This type of solution may sound tempting, however, it’s best avoided.

WordPress is of course used for many different kinds of sites, not just affiliate sites. This is great as it means you’re not leaving a footprint as being a pure affiliate site and are less likely to come under the wrath of Google.

In 2008 software called Build a Niche Store (BANS) became very popular for creating affiliate sites linking to products on eBay. As the search engine result pages became cluttered with spammy affiliate sites all using the same template, Google declared all-out war. As they all used the same code, it was very easy to find all the sites and de-index them.

If you’re using such software, it’s highly likely that the same thing will happen again. If you don’t mind taking the “churn and burn” approach then use these site builders at your own risk, but if you’re looking for a sustainable business model, don’t be tempted to go down this route.


If you’ve been considering using a free blogging platform or another site builder to create an affiliate site, I hope this article has caused you to reconsider. WordPress is the platform of choice for many high-earning affiliates for good reason.

If you’d like to learn more about this way of making money online, there are many great sites, forums and books to hold your hand through the process and make it easier for you to get started. Have a look at AffiloramaMatthew Woodward’s blog, or the ShareASale blog for some great ideas and tips for beginners

There are also many great themes and plugins for affiliate sites not mentioned here – feel free to recommend your favorites in the comments.

Source: http://wplift.com/wordpress-affiliate-marketing

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Valentine’s Day Offer: Get Wedding Theme for only $10

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and the guys from TeslaThemes decided to make a great offer for WordPress Lovers.
On Valentine’s Day they want to share their love and support for all of you and help you organize your ceremonies with Wedding Day WordPress Theme. For a limited period of time you can get the Wedding Day theme for only $10! That’s a huge discount of 71%, so hurry up! This unique offer ends on 16th February, 2014.

How to benefit? Simply go to Wedding Day WordPress Theme page and hit the “Buy Now” button, that’s it.

Wedding Day




Did you know that? The Italian city of Verona, where Shakespeare’s lovers Romeo and Juliet lived, receives around 1,000 letters addressed to Juliet every Valentine’s Day.

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Free Resources for Designers and Developers

by Designbeep.com

The Guys at designbeep gather weekly suggestions for Designers and Developers. Bellow you can find the one for this week.

”We follow many designers and developers and of course websites that share or release resources to help design community.We write down them all every day and at the beginning of each week we bring them together and share with you.Most of the tools,jQuery plugins,free fonts,free icons and free PSD files etc. are mostly latest releases or the ones you might not have seen yet.We hope you find them useful for your existing or upcoming design projects.

Note:If you think you have something useful for design community feel free to contact us;maybe we can share with our readers next week.

– You can also take a look at our past weekly free resources.

7 Logo Design Trends That Will Fade Away in 2014

1.free resources for designers and developers

Trends in any industry are a good source of learning and inspiration. However, they shouldn’t be treated as a foundation for brand identity creation. They can never be a substitute for creative and unique work.

Free UI Kit PSD – Real Estate/Booking

2.free resources for designers and developers

All items are 100% customizable vectors. Feel free to use it the way you want, for personal or commercial use.
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Christmas Promo Code: 40% OFF on all WordPress Themes


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year friends! The Holidays are here and I’m glad to share with you another promotion from my friends at TeslaThemes

To make your Holiday Season special, they initiated a limited time sale for Christmas. Get 40% discount on all their Premium WordPress Themes and subscription plans by using this coupon code “CHRISTMAS2013”. The offer expires on 26th December, 2013, so hurry up! You have only 4 days to get their WordPress Themes at a great price.


When? From 23rd December, 2013 to 26th December, 2013
What do I get? 40% OFF on all WordPress Themes and Subscription Plans
Who is eligible? Everyone who buys Premium WordPress Themes or Subscription Plans


1) Choose your WordPress Theme or Subscription Plan – simply choose your best matching Premium WordPress Theme from TeslaThemes’ great collection and click on “Buy now” or “Get all” to get all the themes.
2) Include the coupon code – enter the following Coupon Code “CHRISTMAS2013“ in the “Enter Coupon Code” field and proceed to payment.
3) Sit back and enjoy – that’s it, you can now download your WordPress Themes from your Tesla account anytime you wish.