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WordPress Time Machine


Millions of businesses around the world are using WordPress CMS to drive their online presence.So the Upcoming Monday,May 27-th, is definitely a great day for everyone from the WP community , especially for Matt and Mike.

It’s all started with Matt’s concern about cafelog not being updated , and Mike’s reply ”Matt,If you’re serious about forking b2 I would be interested in contributing. I’m sure there are one or two others in the community who would be too. Perhaps a post to the B2 forum, suggesting a fork would be a good starting point. ”.

After initiating the topic , hundreds of people started to demand a publishing platform which would be free to download, easy to use and very flexible.This is how WordPress was born.

It developed very fast, below is a fast glimpse over the major released versions and events(all their major releases are named in honor of jazz musicians they personally admire. ) compiled by year:

2003 , May 27 – v0.70 No musician chosen

 2004, January 3 – v1.0 Miles Davis

               May 22 – v1.2 Charles Mingus

               The first plugin Hello Dolly was released by Matt Wollenberg

 2005, February 17 – v1.5 Billy Strayhorn

              WordPress Themes were introduced for WordPress 1.5

               December 31 – v2.0 Duke Ellington

               Akismet was added

 2006, First WordCamp, more than 500 people attended the San Francisco event

 2007, January 22 – v2.1 Ella Fitzgerald

              Widgets were added.

              May 16 – v2.2 Stan Getz

              September 24 – v2.3 Dexter Gordon

              Plugin Directory : 25.036 Plugins*, downloaded for 459.156.780 times and counting

 2008, March 29 – v2.5 Michael Brecker

          July 15- v2.6 McCoy Tyner

          December 10 – v2.7 John Coltrane

          Themes Directory : 1.764 Themes*, downloaded for 71.326.134 times and counting

 2009, June 11 – v2.8 Chet Baker

              December 18 – v2.9 Carmen McRae

 2010, June 17 – v3.0 Thelonius Monk

              Microsoft’s blogging platform Windows Live Spaces is being decommissioned

 2011, February 23 – v3.1 Django Reinhardt

          July 4 – v3.2 George Gershwin

          December 12- v3.3 Sonny Stitt

2012, June 13 – v3.4 Grant Green

             December 11 – v3.5 Elvin Jones

 2013 May 24 – v3.6 still in development

Some interesting stats about WordPress you can find in this Infographics:

1. http://winithemes.com/blog/wordpress-is-celebrating-its-10th-anniversary-happy-birthday/

3. http://yoast.com/wordpress-stats/

4. http://pinterest.com/visualoop/wordpress-infographics/

I hope that now, after joining one of the 600 (and counting) meetups you will have what to share with your friends.

Sources :









*at the moment of writing there are

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