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Things to do in order to increase blog traffic

Rolling out a Blog these days it  is not such a hard work to do  , especially when having  dozens of CMS which will ease up the work for you. My choice, out of that list remained with WordPress.  The hard work comes after you’ve settled out your layout  from the amount of free WordPress themes which the community has to offer. So, I’ve tried to clear the things for myself, that’s why I’ve done a research over the internet and squized several tips/tactics which I would definitely follow.


#1 Define your Audience

If you would like actual people to read your blog, then you will need to define who your audience will be. Do not write for ”no one in particular”! In my case most of the articles will be focused for the WordPress Comunity.

#2 Try to feel what the reader wants to know, not what you would like to tell them

You can do that by searching the hot topics related to your interests.  Google trends can help you with that. Pay attention to ”Related terms”. If you ”Listen” to what the audience has to say you’ll never come to the point when you don’t know on what topic should you write.

#3 Plan to Publish often

The average number of articles should be 2-3 per week in order for you (in time) to become noticed by the audience. That does not mean that you should write often but with pour quality. Research thoroughly the subject, make sure to give the best solution in your posts. The research not only makes your content better but it also educates you so that You become better at what You do.

#4 Learn how to create Magnetic headlines

Your headline is the first (and possibly only impression) you make on a perspective reader. They’re really that important. This tip next to #2 will make your blog SEO Friendly, and that my friends is a very important thing.

#5 Make full use of Social Media Buttons

Together, these networks are attracting vast amounts of time and interest from Internet users around the world, and those that participate on these services fit into the “content distributors” description above, meaning they’re likely to help spread the word about your blog.

A more complete view on how many people use Social Media sites you can find here

#6 Add meaningful links to your blog posts

Your readers will appreciate links in your blog posts but don’t cause too much distraction Links in blog posts are a good thing. Readers like them and it allows you to provide supplementary material, to support your points and to direct your readers to your other content. Care is needed. Linking is a form of emphasis. It draws the eye in the same way that bold, headings and images do. If you add too many links to your text it becomes cluttered, distracts and makes it harder to read. Choose Your Words Carefully It’s important to use appropriate, unambiguous text when making links. Link text should provide readers with a clear idea of where it will take them. It is best to match the resulting page title where possible. Link text should at least be similar. Your readers should never be surprised by where they end up! Links should never be click here or just here. Never use several individual words linking to different places. Avoiding click here is particularly important for people using screen readers. These tools read the web to blind and partially-sighted web users. They often present pages as a series of links without the surrounding contextual information. A long list of clicks heres serves no purpose.

#7 Don’t Give up writing

There comes a time when you start asking yourself if it is worth writing while you do not see so much , or no, activity on your blog. No one says that it is a easy thing, but if you do it constantly, full of enthusiasm, in the end you will get the wanted results.

P.S. In time this list will be updated.

If you know some other important tip/tactic, don’t be shy to leave a comment 😉


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